Originally published in New York Daily News

By Jennifer Lutz & Bruno Millan Narotzky

For centuries, freedom of expression has been at the cornerstone of the American identity, an intrinsic part of the democracy that we defend from assaults, both ideological and concrete. We’ve operated under the idea that damages…

Police crowded Puerta del Sol, preparing for the coming protest. Filled with the courage of afternoon cocktails, I casually approached. The courage wasn’t alcohol induced, but rather a reaction to decreased restrictions in Spain’s capital city. My American disposition had been displaced by Barcelona’s collection of rules, which seemed mismatched…

Originally Published in The Local- Spain

The violence begins at night. Cars burn and windows break and rubber bullets rickshaw off stone streets to mar Barcelona residents, squeezing tired bodies through narrow streets towards home- the usual way is closed off by police or protesters or both.

Who is causing the violence?

There are different reports…

Clashes in Catalonia

Rubber bullets and tear gas mixed with chants for freedom and drum beats. More than a half million people poured into the Catalan capital or Barcelona. They were armed with nothing more than the Catalan flags draped on their backs, and the sandwiches packed in their bags.

But by night’s…

There are some crucial secrets all women should learn while they are still girls: both weight and money come and go; never suffer for a job or for a person you do not love; choose your own life before the world chooses for you.

It was an especially strange time…

Jennifer Lutz

Essayist and travel writer. Health and public policy advocate. Jennifer has written for New York Daily News, BuzzFeed, and Thrive Global.

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